Harvey is a Carolina Boy, born in Little Washington and raised in Bethel, which is outside of Greenville.  After high school he joined the Navy and later transferred to the Coast Guard.  He retired with 27 years and then went to work with the Water Dept. of Currituck County.  He retired from there in 2012.

     His dancing experience began with ballroom dancing during his pre-teen years and dancing the” bop” in Atlantic Beach.  He went to Steppin’ Out in Virginia Beach in 1989 and started Shag dancing.  There he met Valerie and the rest of the story begins.  Jerry Canada was a DJ at Steppin’ Out.  When Jerry got to know Harvey, he realized that Harvey was very interested in the music.  He became Harvey’s mentor.

     Harvey’s first time DJing solo was at Dockside in Va. Beach.  Some of the members of the RCSC were there and happened to hear Harvey playing music.  He became the RCSC Club DJ in 2007.  Harvey also became a favorite at the Outer Banks Shag Club.  In 2011, Harvey became the OBSC DJ and has been keeping Shag Music alive and spinning.  His ability to play a variety of music that satisfies everyone’s taste keeps everyone coming back each week to dance to his music.                   

Some Mondays you will find Jack Fertal spinning the tunes.  Jack is our most recent DJ extraordinaire.

Between Harvey and Jack you will dancing the night away.  Don't forget, if you have a favorite song, they would be happy to play it!