Outer Banks Shag Club

Shag Club on the Outer Banks of North Carolina

Tommy & Joan Moore
Tommy and Joan have been shag dancing for more than 20 years.  Tommy asked Joan to find someone to teach them to be able to dance together.  While still working and serving on various boards and committees, he would commit one evening a week to take lessons.   Joan contacted Sharon and David Jones of the OBX shag club who were the leaders and instructors of the OBX Shag Club and the rest is history.  They learned the basics by taking approximately 7 semi private lessons on Tuesday nights and then joined the OBX Shag Club.  Tommy and Joan have been active members since that time. They have attended just about every spring and fall SOS in North Myrtle Beach for over 20 years.  They have enjoyed taking lessons from different instructors at SOS as well as other club sponsored shag events during this time. Tommy and Joan enjoy participating and assisting instructors in sharing steps and techniques accumulated over these years.  They find it rewarding to see others interested in learning how to dance the Carolina shag and have fun on the dance floor.

Jeff & Sandy Albarty

Jack & Loretta Fertel
When Loretta first joined the Outer Banks Shag Club in 2006, she took beginner lessons along with several girlfriends.  She remembers David Jones saying to her, “You’ve done this before?”  She had not but picked up the basic dance steps fairly easily.  When attending the OBSC’s Annual BBQ, accompanied by her husband, Jack, members shagged and then started a line dance.  Jack said, “Now that is what I’d like to do.”  She told Sharon Jones if she could work in a line dance in between shagging on Monday nights, she thought she could get her husband there.  Sharon did, and Jack started shagging and learning line dances.  In June 2011, Sharon asked Loretta to take over teaching the line dances.  While Loretta had no teaching experience, she had always loved to dance and sing, and thought she could organize folks to stand in line, count the steps in a dance, and direct them to turn left and right.  So, she assumed the responsibility.  With Jack as her DJ, Loretta offered  six-week classes at two senior/community centers on the Outer Banks and now teaches classes at Kelly’s.  She starts with the easy and familiar dances and progresses to those with more steps.